Our Team

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Our Team

April Smith

April is a Fitness Professional with 18 years of experience bringing awareness and education to the community in the fields of nutrition, health and fitness. She has specifically focused on working professionals, youth, athletes and seniors in the San Diego, Northern California and currently the Inland Empire area. April has devoted her life to the community as a certified personal trainer using a holistic approach to health and wellness. Her passion for health, fitness, wellness and sport nutrition has positively impacted the lives of many on a daily basis. Her clients describe her as a positive mentor, a passionate trainer and someone who loves her profession that continues to inspire, educate and promote Fun Functional Fitness.

Frank Anguiano

Frank is a Certified Personal Trainer and loves to work with people. He has an Associate’s Degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in the field of Physical Education. He always felt like there was a reason he was called to serve in this field and to help those that need help with their health and overall fitness. He is trained as a soccer player and played for semi professional teams in Mexico and in the United States. He traveled to Turkey and Russia to play soccer and returned to the states wanting to be a Soccer trainer, as well as a Personal trainer. He loves helping people, from kids to young adults to older adults. This field is his passion and it's what he loves to do.

Claudia Nirvana Hernández

Claudia brings her medical expertise and personal experiences to Zenergy Fit Lab by providing education on genetic and environmental predisposition based on your specific case. In addition, Claudia also has a background in Psychology and Counseling and helps our patients identified underlying causes for their relationship between them and food and psychosocial stressors that may negatively impact their health. Claudia's journey to health and fitness saved her own life. Four years ago, Claudia was in one of her clinics at at a hospital in Southern California, when she was rushed to the emergency room due to early signs of a heart attack. At the time, Claudia's professional life included being on-call for the Los Angeles County Metabolic Newborn Screening Program, running a high volume Metabolic and Biochemical Genetics clinic, and poor eating and sleeping habits. The combination was silently killing her. After her brush with death, she made a personal commitment to become proactive about her life and embarked herself on a journey of taking positive steps to improve her overall health and finding balance. April Smith has been instrumental in this journey and continues to provide guidance and empowerment.

Nancy Mata

Nancy has been living an active lifestyle her entire life. In high school, she was part of the track and field team. As a college student, her passion for weight lifting resulted in a lifestyle change that would drive her to pursue an education in the health and fitness industry. As a certified personal trainer and Zumba instructor, she has been able to teach clients the fundamentals of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Nancy specializes in body/mind transformation, individual and group training programs, and post rehabilitation of injuries.

Erinne Moyer

Erinne Moyer provides administrative assistance for Zenergy Fit Lab. She aides in scheduling, creative directing and marketing. Keeping organized and helping things run smoothly is what she does best. She a passion for creating, whether it be through photography, graphic design, music or any other medium in between. She loves to connect with people and hope to help make your experience at Zenergy Fit Lab positive and comfortable.